Well Woman

We offer a FREE highly reliable pregnancy test that detects hCG in urine. Since the test is accurate 7-10 days after conception, it can be run as soon as a woman misses her menstrual cycle.

If a client has a positive pregnancy test result, we can then provide pregnancy verification.


Every client has a chance to meet with a caring Peer Pregnancy Counselor who offers emotional support, discusses options, and presents facts to empower women to make positive and healthy choices for themselves and their babies.

Earn While you Learn

Clients will meet with a peer instructor in a classroom once a week to learn about prenatal and parenting topics to help them in their parenting journey. Topics include: prenatal care, baby development, changes to your body during pregnancy, ultrasounds, bonding with your baby, infant care, preparing for your baby, reducing the risk of SIDS, postpartum care, breast feeding, newborn soothing techniques, and many more.

Through attending classes, clients will earn “Mommy money” that can be used to purchase maternal, infant, and baby supplies in our on site mommy boutique. Our boutique carries items such as maternity clothing, baby clothing (newborn-5T), diapers, wipes, baby blankets, bottles, formula, baby food and much more.


Women who have experienced abortion are often left with emotional scars. We offer a 10-week study that allows them to process these emotions and experience a deeper healing.

Clients are given a safe place to take this journey with an instructor who offers emotional support.  The main goals of the journey include helping women to :

  • Process their grief
  • Understand the emotional responses resulting from that grief
  • “Know” their child in order to say “goodbye for now”
  • Learning to move past their grief by finding life lessons through their journey
  • Find a new life of color, freedom, and joy

Studies show that 50 percent of abortive women express negative feelings, and up to 10 percent are classified as having developed “serious psychiatric complications”… but there is HOPE.

Our goal is to support and encourage women in making positive life choices.

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